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June 2009 SWS Presidentiables Survey- Villar jumps ahead, Estrada doubles ratings now 2nd, Escudero big gain

August 5, 2009
June 2009 SWS Presidential survey
June 2009 SWS Presidential survey

This June 2009 SWS survey finally moves. Here are the impact of the advertising efforts of the presidentiables and the heightened media attention on the presidentiables and the presidential elections.

Villar solidifies his lead in this survey jumping to 33% from 29%.

But the bigger news is Erap Estrada nearly doubling his rating to 25% from 13% pulling Estrada’s ranking from 5th place to now 2nd is an astonishing jump.

Estrada has been going around the provinces in the past weeks, and has appeared in some presidentiable debates but has not gotten a lot of press lately.

Estrada’s campaign efforts were a significant increase versus what he had done previously, but they are not significant from the absolute and most specially compared to the other presidentiables. With efforts that does not seem warrant a huge increase in ratings and a significant jump like that, almost doubling his rating, makes you think that perhaps there was a sampling error and will make you look back at the raw data.